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Beasley Associates helps Essex Waste Partnership look to the future

Contracted by the Essex Waste Partnership to undertake a review of partnership activities to date and make recommendations for future progression, Dr Jane Beasley engaged with Senior Officers and Members from the partner authorities to establish their views, understanding and perceptions of the partnership and identify specific challenges and barriers as well as long term aims and aspirations. A baseline was developed and the partnership was benchmarked against others in the UK. Synergies and common aspects of services were identified and opportunities for joint working were considered. A meeting was held with Leaders and Portfolio Holders and a number of sensitivities were discussed and recommendations for progression were made.

Beasley Associates undertakes contract review

Commissioned by Northampton Borough Council, Beasley Associates undertook a detailed review of the performance of the outsourced environmental services contract currently in place. Data and information were collated (through interview and access to Cabinet papers, contract documentation, minutes of meetings etc), critically analysed and reviewed, and recommendations were made to support the ongoing delivery of the contract and improve performance overall.

Beasley Associates provides briefing paper on Administering Authorities

On behalf of Local Partnerships Dr Jane Beasley developed a briefing paper on the roles and responsibilities of an Administering Authority within Waste Partnerships, identifying key issues for consideration and essential requirements.

Beasley Associates provides funding submission support

Following from the development of an outline business case Beasley Associates provided further financial evaluation into the feasibility of a joint collection service between two authorities in North Staffordshire, and provided support in the development of a funding submission.

Beasley Associates undertakes research into collection systems

Dr Jane Beasley undertook desk research to identify current data in relation to dry recyclate collection systems, establishing numbers of systems in place, levels of performance achieved, geographical trends in relation to systems used and trends in levels satisfaction. A database and summary report were developed and issued to Cylch.

Beasley Associates prepares an outline business case for a joint service

Working on behalf of Local Partnerships, Dr Jane Beasley provided support to five authorities in North Staffordshire to review the potential for the development of a joint waste service. Data was collated and an outline business case was prepared and presented for consideration. A number of issues requiring further clarification and consideration were identified and recommendations were proposed for future progression.

Beasley Associates generates an outline business case for shared collection

Working on behalf of Local Partnerships, Dr Jane Beasley provided support to two authorities in North Staffordshire to review the potential for the development of a shared collection service. Data was collated and an outline business case was prepared and presented for consideration. Recommendations were proposed for future progression.

Beasley Associates undertakes a review of the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership

Working with RGR Ltd, Dr Jane Beasley was the Project Manager of a detailed review of the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership. Workshops were held with Members and Senior Officers and a report with recommendations for the future, including short, medium and long term goals for the partnership, was developed.

Beasley Associates ensures an MOU is ‘Fit for Purpose’

Working on behalf of Local Partnerships Dr Jane Beasley undertook a review of the existing MOU for the Leicestershire Waste Partnership, looking specifically at whether the MOU remains fit for purpose in light of local changes and also whether it reflects good practice.

Beasley Associates prepares a partnership case study

Working on behalf of Local Partnerships, Dr Jane Beasley developed a case study of the partnership between Lichfield and Tamworth. The case study provides an example of good practice and is accessible to all local authorities through the local partnership website.

Beasley Associates supports development of a partnership business plan

Dr Jane Beasley provided support to the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership in the development of their three year business plan. Working closely with the Partnership Manager Jane helped to scope out the business plan and identify priorities for the partnership in the short, medium and long term.

Beasley Associates becomes an Associate of Local Partnerships

Dr Jane Beasley is delighted to announce that Beasley Associates have become an Associate of Local Partnerships – an organisation jointly sponsored by Treasury and LGA. Jane will be working on the waste programme.

Beasley Associates undertakes collection systems research

Dr Jane Beasley was commissioned to undertake desk research into the different systems in place for collection of dry recyclate across Europe. A database and summary report of the key findings were issued to Cylch.

Beasley Associates provides strategic support to local authority

Dr Jane Beasley was commissioned provide support in a range of different areas including: legislation and policy development; WDA policy objectives; availability of waste treatment options; social enterprises; and future resource management. This contributed to the development of an updated waste management strategy for the authority.

Beasley Associates Interviewed by Waste Management World

Dr Jane Beasley was interviewed by Waste Management World Magazine about the survey carried out with RGR into the Defra Waste Review 2011. To see the full interview go here.

Beasely Associates’ Waste Policy Review Survey

Working with RGR Ltd, Beasley Associates undertook a survey of leading waste professionals to gauge response to the Defra Waste Review 2011. The sector was largely united in its negativity; check out the summary report and press release for further information.

Beasley Associates presents at the Energy & Industries Forum Waste Policy Review

Beasley Associates presented a paper entitled Waste Policy Review: Local Government – Winners or Losers? providing a public sector perspective of the recent Defra waste policy review. Highlighting the limitations of the review and the overall disappointing content the implications for the future were considered particularly in terms of local government strategic planning and policy setting.

Beasley Associates supports the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership

Working with the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership a state of the partnership report was commissioned to identify where the partnership is now, where the partnership wants to be and how the partnership can be best developed for the future to ensure it successfully reaches its goals.

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Following recent grant funded projects which identified not insubstantial savings, the partnership is keen to consider potential routes for enhanced joint working and the intention therefore is that the State of the Partnership report will feed into and inform the three year business plan for the Partnership. The findings were presented to the Partnership and a full report submitted.

Beasley Associates supports East Sussex Partnership Development

Presentations to both the Officers Working Group and also to the Local Authority Members from the Partnership have been made to support the Partnership in its decision making and progression towards greater levels of partnership working.

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Beasley Associates is providing guidance and support as new governance arrangements are considered and new ways of working to deliver joint contracts and services.

Beasley Associates launches New Partnership Initiative

Working with RGR Ltd, Beasley Associates have launched a new bespoke service provided support for all aspects of waste partnership development, delivery and progression. Visit for further information.

Beasley Associates presents partnership working to LARAC 2010

Beasley Associates presented a paper at the LARAC conference on partnership working. The paper focused on the research findings of the waste partnership mapping project delivered for Defra, and identified opportunities and key issues for further development of waste partnerships.

Beasley Associates predicts the future in resource management

Envirolink Northwest and Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority commissioned Beasley Associates and Ray Georgeson Resources to develop and run a series of workshops, bringing together key senior stakeholders

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to take a visionary and potentially challenging look at future resource flows and resource management from a wide range of different perspectives. Events were held in London and Liverpool exploring Future Strategic Direction for Resource Management, Future Waste Composition, Future Manufacturing Industries and Future Waste Infrastructure. Speakers form Government, Industry, Business and Community sectors were invited to provide context and informed the debate. The final outcome is a report, due to be published in November 2010 which will support the MWDA in the developments of its new strategy and will be submitted to Defra as a contribution to the recently announced waste policy review which is due to complete in Spring 2011.

Beasley Associates informs partnership working in Cumbria

With Cumbria Strategic Waste Partnership (CSWP) considering itself to be at a point where it is ready to explore potential opportunities that may exist for greater efficiency savings

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through joint working where financial and environmental benefits conjoin, the partnership commissioned Beasley Associates and Principal Associate Ray Georgeson to undertake an assessment of the options for enhanced partnership working between the members of CSWP. By undertaking detailed mapping of currently waste services, systems and operations and surveying the perceptions of key stakeholders to provide an assessment of views and opinions; Beasley Associates were able to develop a detailed options appraisal and SWOT analysis of proposed membership structures. In addition a detailed evaluation of governance options, using case study information from other partnerships was also undertaken.

By providing the partnership with an assessment of the key finding, Beasley Associates have identified the challenges facing the partnership if it is to develop into a harmonised and efficient body, showing that the partnership has potentially a real opportunity to take stock of the direction of the Partnership, identify new priorities in the light of the current political and financial landscape and build on the foundation of the successful Partnership activity to date in terms of new waste treatment facilities and successful shared communications campaigns leading to substantial increases in recycling in recent years.

Beasley Associates joins up the West Midlands

Beasley Associates has been working with all 33 Authorities in the West Midlands region to identify opportunities for joint working in order to realise greater efficiency savings amongst potential partners.

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By mapping current waste services and contract information across the region, the project has highlighted the opportunities which exist between neighbouring and groups of authorities in term of service alignment and procurement activities.

Beasley Associates helps Climate East carve out a role for the future

Beasley Associates undertook a detailed review of Climate East to identify how it can operate most effectively

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to support both public and private sector stakeholders and the local communities they serve in terms of the transition towards a low carbon economy and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

The approach undertaken to obtain the necessary level of data and information included: a high level policy review; a detailed review of practices in other regions in terms of the different structures in place to support and lead on adaptation and mitigation; interviews with stakeholders to gain insight into their view of the role, remit and activities to date of Climate East; and, interviews with representatives from the existing Management Group and also the Programme Managers. Various options for the future structure of Climate East were considered and an outline business plan was proposed.

Beasley Associates rethink of the waste infrastructure in the Southeast

A thinkpiece, intended to stimulate discussion was presented at a regional Waste forum (WRISE) in March.

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Challenging the traditional views of waste management and the current infrastructure in the South East, the thinkpiece proposed ideas and options and points for discussion as to how the South East could achieve a more resource focused approach to the management of its waste, delivering the principles of sustainable development and promoting economic development in the region (and potentially beyond).

Delivered as a three phase structured workshop, delegates were asked to consider: the key issues and challenges facing the SE (and beyond) in delivering a more resource focused approach; the direction of travel needed to address the key issues; and, the most appropriate mechanisms or approaches to get there.

Beasley Associates inform Defra spending on waste partnerships

April saw Beasley Associates, in collaboration with Ray Georgson, complete a Defra and Improvement and Efficiency South East (IESE) commissioned project to map waste partnership activity across England.

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Working to inform effective targeting of Defra and IESE national partnership support packages in 2010/11, Beasley Associates: mapped out the extent and range of partnership working within local authorities in England; conducted a “health check” on the state of municipal waste partnerships; and, identify areas where further support from Defra and its support agencies could assist in developing partnership working and accelerate the ability for local authority waste services to identify and implement efficiency savings through better collaboration.

A number of themes running across partnerships emerged in areas such as barriers to partnership working, support needs, measurement of achievements and resourcing, and allowed recommendations to be identified.

Beasley Associates provide intensive training for Defra new starters

A crash course in waste and resource management has been provided for new Defra policy makers to bring them up to speed.

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Run over one day this intensive course considers a historic review of waste management, examining key triggers, such as public health, environmental protection and sustainable development and includes a brief résumé of the key pieces of legislation and policy controlling waste and its management. This is followed by a focus on the question: just how big is this problem anyway? and includes a discussion on tonnages, composition, growth rates, and uncertainties. Delegates are then asked to consider all the key stakeholders involved in waste management, their roles, responsibilities and primary interests, followed by a detailed review of waste management options currently available, based on the waste management hierarchy. The day concludes with an analysis of waste management systems, services and operations in use in the present day, examining the current local, regional and national policy and strategic challenges being faced and current directions being taken in the quest to achieve more sustainable waste management and resource efficiency. This training course is run on a regular basis to provide policy makers with a broader understanding of waste and resource issues.

Beasley Associates chair Defra Waste Summit

On the 13th of October Jane chaired the Defra Waste Summit - A World without Waste. The event saw Jane steer the Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Hilary Benn

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and other esteemed presenters through a series of question and answer sessions with representatives from a wide range of sectors involved in waste and resource management. Plans to deliver a “zero waste nation”, were outlined including the expectation that local authorities should offer a full collection service for many recyclable items by 2020 and that we would all need to think “more creatively about waste” in order to tackle climate change. Jane effectively facilitated the discussions and ensured, despite an audience of over 200 stakeholders, that the event was as inclusive and engaging as possible. Feedback in relation to the event and the facilitation services provided by Jane have all been outstanding.

Beasley Associates provide insight into mismanagement of key recyclables across Europe

A review of European waste and resource data was undertaken to provide information to support the development of the report Gone to Waste.

… [more]

Working with Ray Georgeson Resources Ltd an assessment of the potential carbon benefits of better resource management of key recyclables was undertaken and the potential monetary value was calculated. This report provides valuable headline assessments and illustrating the order of magnitude of the challenges we are facing if we do not maximise the resource potential in the key recyclables across all wastestreams.

Beasley Associates facilitate initial consultation on controlled waste regulations

Working with Defra Jane ensured that stakeholders invited to this workshop on changes to the controlled waste regulations had plenty of opportunity to engage in the process

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and put forward their hopes, expectations and key issues in relation to the current legislation. Clear recommendations were made as to the next stages in the consultation process and the outcomes from the workshop will shape the direction that Defra takes in its review of the regulations.

Beasley Associates support regional arrangements for sustainable development

Work undertaken by Beasley Associates on behalf of the East of England Development Agency is directing the way in which the regional sustainable development champion body will operate in the future.

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The purpose of the project was to undertake a detailed review of Sustainability East in terms of its structure, remit and responsibilities with the intention that this will help inform the way in which Sustainability East can operate in the post Sub-National Review landscape. The approach undertaken focused on three main tasks: a high level policy review to determine the appropriateness of the Sustainability East Strategy; a review of sustainable development champion bodies operating in other regions; and finally, redefining the roles and responsibilities of Sustainability East. Clear recommendations were made which now form the basis of an implementation plan ensuring Sustainability East positions itself effectively within new regional governance frameworks.

Beasley Associates helping to shape regional waste governance

Work undertake by Beasley Associates on behalf of the East of England Development Agency is informing the future shape of regional waste governance in the East of England. A research project and report produced by Beasley Associates

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has provided regional policy makers with an evidence base from which to consider the future of regional waste policy, strategy and delivery.

This report has resulted in the East of England considering its future governance structures to ensure that sustainable waste and resource management are effectively achieved.

Beasley Associates coordinates better communication to improve recycling

Working with Ray Georgeson Resources and funded by WRAP a detailed Marketing Strategy has been developed for a local authority partnership to support their drive in increasing recycling rates across the partner authorities.

… [more]

This high level strategy has been developed to provide a focus for recycling communications activities across the Partnership as part of the operational delivery of the Partnerships’ Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy. Clear guidance is given and a recommended approach presented.

Beasley Associates evaluating the carbon impact of a local authority Waste Management Service

Using WRATE as the analysis tool, the carbon implications of a local authority waste management service have been evaluated with the intention of making recommendations for changes to the service.

… [more]

These changes focus on maximising the environmental benefit and minimising the carbon impact resulting from the way that waste is currently managed. The findings from the project provide evidence to support local authority officers in their decision making.

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